Internet Advertising and Web Site Design Expectations
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Establishing a presence on the Internet requires some basic understanding of the requirements. I will attempt to define the requirements of your Internet Advertising below.

Establishing a a presence on the Internet involves the following core requirements:

1. Access to the Internet via a dial up account provided by a local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

a. Dial up access is needed to receive E-mail from your prospective clients.
b. Dial up access is needed to conduct competitive surveys.

2. Web Site (Web Hosting).

Professional Web Sites include the following:
(1) Domain name (
(2) At least 20mb of web site space
(3) Open CGI access (to allow interactive programs on your site)

3. Web Site Marketing will be required.

a. Search Engine submissions.
b. Network with other Web Sites.
c. Local paper advertising.

4. Web Design.

a. Designing a Web Site is very similar to designing advertising for magazine advertising.
b. Designing a Web Site requires a person with specialized skills.
(1) Expert in computer aided design and telecommunications.
(2) Proficient in graphics page-layout and design concepts.
(3) Expert in Web Site HTML coding.

Costs of developing a Web Site for the Internet:

1. Dial-up access account for email and competitive surveys:

Average cost of dial-up access is $20-25/month for a quality Internet access account.

2. Domain Name fees Costs:

a. A set up fee of $50 is paid to the Web Hosting Provider (who registers your name).
b. A fee of $100 is paid to InterNIC, the company that creates and holds your domain name. $100 is paid every two years to hold your domain name.

3. Web Site (Web Hosting) Costs:

Between $50-$200/mo. to hold web pages and maintain high speed access to the Internet.

4. Web Site Marketing Costs:

Prices vary between free with account set-up ( only), to $200/yr.

5. Web Site Design Costs@:

Rough Average:





Small Site


$200 - $500/yr

Level of interactivity or quality of graphics are the highest cost elements.

Medium Site


$500 - $2000/yr

Large Site


$1500 - $50,000/yr

6. Review Web Site Marketing Strategies.


@ A web site is a collection of pages. A web page can cost as low as $30.

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