An Internetter Story
(an ongoing rambling of the author. Select links to hear sounds)
Jim Walker, Jan 1995

.....Welcome to my Office.

.....Thank you for coming by. Excuse me while I move this pile of ISP installer disks to the side. If you don't mind staying a while, I'll give you
some of my philosophies on the Internet.
.....Well, where do I start. Internetter, a name that came to mind while working for the namesake of this server. Many people have asked me how I got into the Internet biz and the answer has always been a simple one; I was asked to join. OK, it did take some effort to get my first Internet job, but it seemed like such an obvious move. Having been involved in sales and computers the majority of my adult life, the Internet seemed to capture the best of both worlds.

.....The most inspiring aspect of the Internet in my opinion is that it gives the individual almost complete control of information. Yes, a book is nice, but it's limited to pages it's printed on. The Internet gives one control of what one 'believes' is important. I know you are going to argue, "what about all the trash on the net." Well, some people like trash. It's a human predisposition to like owning things and trash just happens to be an ownerable item. I think someone once said, "one persons trash is another persons treasure."
The Internet is full of trash because that's part of human nature. But, I digress. Control and infinite informational possibilities. This is what our ancestors have strived toward for over 20,000 years. We have reached what a French caveman would die for-- a flat wall without borders.

.....Entrepreneurs on the other hand are particularly 'vulnerable' to the Internet. For one, Entrepreneurs are by virtue of their make up lifetime learners. They seek information like a sponge. The faster the information pours out the more they want of it. The Internet draws the Entrepreneur like bees to honey.

.....Unlimited boundaries, nearly instantaneous access to potential buyers and the overwhelming number of wanna-be techno-dweebs
(driven by the Nintendo craze of the 90's) will bring more buyers, "more faster" to this techno-marvel than I believe even the futurists have envisioned. Here's the equation: 8 of 10 children between 10-15 own some sort of electronic arcade game in this country, add to that the average want to compete with others on these same games, provide the knowledge that one can compete with someone on the other side of this planet to demonstrates his or her skills, etc, and the seed has been planted at an early age, i.e., "Internet is Cool.". Entrepreneurs, take your mark, get set, go...

--to be continued

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