Intranet Explained
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What is Intranet?

Most commonly, the definition of the Intranet involves using the Internet to reduce administrative costs and increase information sharing.

Reducing administrative costs is achieved by placing information on the Internet in such a way as to reduce the need for paper distribution. An Intranet is by definition an interactive place on the Internet, where anyone with access to the Internet, anywhere in the world, can access and update information in "real-time."

Increasing access is achieved by developing an interactive Web Site accessible from any type of computer. With an Intranet style Web Site, an organization or business can cut computer costs by using the Internet "as the Network," accessible by any type of common desktop computer, from a phone line anywhere in the world.

Common types of Intranet include:

• Bulletin board
This type of Intranet allows everyone in an organization the capability to review or update information that would normally be placed on an organization bulletin board, such as, a calendar of events, a status board, pictures of events or employees, policy changes, etc.

Database management

This type of Intranet allows everyone in an organization the capability to maintain a "real-time" interactive database. The database can be used to support the tracking of products, inventories, bidding, or provide information on a particular subject any time of day, from any location.

• Information Access

This type of Intranet is the type commonly found on the World Wide Web. The static web page may include information on any subject. The static page can then be accessed from a simple search engine provided without cost as part of the infrastructure of the Internet.

Information access is the key to making the Intranet commercially feasible. While individuals within an organization my have secure access to particular parts of an Intranet, the marketing and promotion of an organization is the accepted norm. In essence, by advertising on the Internet your organization is available to a broader customer base, via the inherently global structure of the Internet.

A real world example of the Intranet you can test yourself will be coming soon to Internetter, so check back soon for further developments.

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